Black Squirrel Farm



Guided Farm Tours

 Whether you want to learn about vegetables, flowers, or native plants, there is tons to see here at Black Squirrel Farm. Come on down and see what's growing!  

On Farm Classes

Come on down to Black Squirrel Farm and learn something new! We offer group classes (so bring a friend!). Learn about healthy lifestyle changes you can make, how to cook awesome, nutritious vegetables and add them to your diet, or a new and exciting hobby or craft. 

Cooking Classes

 We now offer step-by-step instructional classes on how to cook wholesome, nutritious, home-cooked plant-based meals.  


We are happy to host events for local artists, craftspeople, gardeners, and anyone else who loves and appreciates the great outdoors. Check out our events page to see what's new!


Living a healthy life doesn't mean following the hottest new diet trend--it's a whole lifestyle!

Whether you make healthy choices at the grocery store, shop at your local farmers market, or grow your own food; a healthy life starts with healthy food choices!

An active mind is just as important as an active body. Learning something new is a great way to stimulate the mind and exercise your brain. 

There's no better time to learn something new than right now! 

Here at Black Squirrel Farms we not only love to create new garden layouts, but we also love making things! Whether it's a new recipe, a piece of art, or a handmade scarf, there are endless ways to be creative.

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